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PPSC offers resources and educational opportunities for professional photographers in all parts of South Carolina.

What is PPSC?

The Professional Photographers of South Carolina (PPSC) is an organization committed to helping photographers improve their craft and succeed in business. With members from all regions of South Carolina, PPSC has cultivated a diverse network of resources and expertise that has become a valuable asset to all photographers, professionals and students alike. Workshops and other educational opportunities are available on a monthly basis to members.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a new photographer with a passion for photographic imagery of any kind, joining our family of image makers may be the most important decision of your career. As the only PPA affiliate organization in the state, PPSC extends to its members the same business values and artistic inspiration as it applies, specifically to photographers in South Carolina.

Benefits of PPSC at a Glance

  • Attend PPSC activities in ALL districts.
  • FREE admission to Annual Convention. Register at
  • Serve on committees
  • Participate in Photographic Competitions
  • Earn Merits and Degrees
  • Be eligible to receive scholarships to The Lamarr Williamson School of Photography

Mission Statement:

The mission of PPSC is to provide working and aspiring professional photographers the resources to achieve success and profitability by mastering the business, technology and art of professional image making; to maintain excellence, respect and integrity in all aspects of our industry and to achieve superior levels of performance through education and cooperation.

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